About Inspire the Incredible


To provide the services that help individuals with hidden disabilities lead successful lives.


To promote the progress and development of persons with hidden disabilities so that they are empowered to become independent, positive contributing members of society.

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Programs & Services

Life Enhancement & Personal Development Course

Teaches essential life skills that promotes personal growth and development

Parent & Caregiver Training/Support

Training, support and advocacy are provided to parents and caregivers.

Training for Frontline Workers & Stakeholders

Information/Training for frontline workers and stakeholders that ensures exceptional service to those whom they serve.


Creating links to community resources and services.

Membership Services

Membership is available for both organizations and individuals that allow for access to online courses.

Life Coaching Services

Life coaching is available for individuals and groups to help them over come challenges and barriers to success.

Some highlights of the skills and techniques gained:

  • Self-awareness - which improves self esteem and sense of self-efficacy

  • Effective communicate skills

  • Proper self-care and personal safety practices

  • Effective goal setting and time management skills

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Development of appropriate social skills

  • Effective decision making and problem-solving skills

  • Development of coping skills - healthy strategies for dealing with challenges

  • Achievement of academic and personal success

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